The SAS System

SAS has undertaken a complete system redesign of dairy and beef production. Ultimately, the concept of “sustainable intensification” is achieved – food production is intensified, but not to the detriment of natural resources, the environment, animal welfare, and economic viability.

Why the SAS System?

The industrialisation of agriculture after the Second World War allowed the global population to grow from 2.5 billion people in 1950, to 7.5 billion people today.

However, the unintended consequences of this industrialisation are now stifling the progress of the agricultural industry.

At the same time, global demand for nutrient dense food is increasing year on year. Indeed, if China’s goal of becoming a completely developed country by around 2049 is realised, the pressure on the global food system will be immense.

It is for these reasons, that SAS has researched and designed an innovative agricultural system fit for the 21st century.

Five Main Aspects

The technology and expertise required to make bovine agriculture sustainable exists today. Futuristic agtech such as autonomous tractors and drones will not restore depleted ground water or bring back eroded soil. To rectify these issues, innovative farming systems are needed.

The SAS System is the aggregation of several individually proven aspects. The result is an innovative dairy and beef production system greater than the sum of its parts.

Hydroponic Feed

This technology improves grain utilisation efficiency; reduces enteric methane emissions; and supports the production of grass-fed milk 365 days a year. Producing feed hydroponically introduces controlled environment agriculture (CEA) to dairy and beef production.

Dual-purpose Fleckvieh Cattle

Fleckvieh cows produce high quality milk and bull calves suitable for beef production. With excellent animal health and fertility, this profitable breed epitomises sustainability in bovine agriculture.

Robotics & Automation Technology

The use of robotic milking and automated feeding technology optimises animal performance; generates valuable management information; and improves labour productivity.

Cow Comfort

A modern, high welfare, super-comfortable housing facility enables cows to meet their genetic potential. A controlled environment affords protection from the elements and disease transmitting wildlife vectors.

Manure Management

100% of the manure is captured and used to produce renewable energy, clean water, and nutrient rich humus compost.

Bovine Production Facility

The SAS System is a completely new agricultural investment offering. The “farming model” differs substantially from the status quo dairy and beef operations found around the world.

The SAS System produces feed hydroponically; generates its own energy; recycles water and nutrients; operates on a ten-hectare production site; and requires minimal labour input. Additionally, there is no weather risk, and diverse income streams minimise exposure to price fluctuations.

The SAS System integrates a purpose-built Open Farm agri-tourism venture. This allows visitors to “get behind the scenes” of a modern, efficient and high-welfare cattle operation.

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