Sustainable Agricultural Systems Ltd. (SAS)


We are a start-up agribusiness. Our objectives are to make bovine agriculture sustainable, investable, manageable, scalable, and transparent. The business revolves around the SAS System – a dairy and beef production system fit for the 21st century.


About SASInvestment Opportunity

About SAS

We are a New Zealand farming family who in 2010 moved to the UK to investigate new agricultural opportunities. Since then, we have researched and designed the SAS System.

An expanding domestic population, falling food self-sufficiency, as well as the ability to access professional business services, indicates that the UK is an advantageous location to develop SAS.

Additionally, the country’s geographic proximity to the continent permits the sourcing of European agricultural technology and livestock genetics.

The SAS System

SAS has undertaken a complete system redesign of dairy and beef production. Ultimately, the concept of “sustainable intensification” is achieved.

Business Objectives

In a resource restricted world, it is imperative that only super-efficient farming systems are operated.

Ultimately, the management of soil and water determines the sustainability of an agricultural system. Each of the SAS System’s five main aspects directly improve the resource efficiency of bovine agriculture.

A Unique Investment Opportunity

SAS is offering a tangible investment opportunity with sound business growth prospects and consistent annual income generation.

The SAS System integrates a purpose-built Open Farm agri-tourism venture. This allows visitors to “get behind the scenes” of a modern, efficient and high-welfare cattle operation.

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